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Live at the West Coast Guitar Night

Les Finnigan - Live at the West Coast Guitar Night - Solo Acoustic Guitar DVD

A full live set filmed in high definition wide screen at the 13th annual West Coast Guitar Night. It features some of Les Finnigan’s more rhythmic pieces plus 3 bonus tracks from his previous DVD, String-O-Vision.

**Please note that this DVD is only available as a bonus disc included with The Brave Dog CD.**

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Technical Credits

Filmed at The Cultch Historic Theatre,
Vancouver, British Columbia, at the
13th annual West Coast Guitar Night,
October 15th, 2011.

Camera operators are Harvey LaRocque,
Trevor Holbrook and Paul Mitchnick
Live sound by Kris Boyd
Lighting by Kitty Hoffman
Graphics by Gary Dunham at Mercury Graphics
Video editing and DVD authoring by Jim Meyer

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Track Listing

1.   Alberico
2.   Kispiox
3.   Kathleen Marie
4.   Will And Testament
5.   March of the Millipede
6.   The Fairlane
      Excerpts From String-O-Vision
7.   The Woodcutter
8.   Palo Alto
9.   Kaleidoscope

All compositions by Les Finnigan
©2011 & 2011 String Plunker Records (SOCAN)



String-O-Vision - Les Finnigan Live in Concert DVD - The Cultch Historic Theatre

This DVD is a limited release and is only available for purchace at live shows.

Technical Credits

Recorded live at The Cultch Historic Theatre
Saturday, May 28, 2005

DVD production by Marcus Rogers
Screen: 4:3 NTSC
Country Code: region free
Duration: Approx. 68 minutes

Emcee: Ralph Shaw "King of the Ukulele"
Filmed by: Marcus Rogers, Paul Trudel & Stuart Temple
Video editing by Cinestir Productions
Audio recording by Jay O'Keeffe
Audio mixing and mastering at Profile Studios
Lighting by Martin Elfert
Graphic design by Mercury Graphics
Manufactured by Sonrise Audio Duplication
Still photos by Andrea Rose
Disc artwork by Valeria and Sleepy

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Les Finnigan goes about the business of entertaining with passion and intensity. His incandescent guitar work and meticulous compositions are offset by the driest wit in rainy Vancouver. An exciting performance captured in glorious String-O-Vision. 18 pieces professionally shot with four cameras at The Cultch Historic Theatre.

Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. The Sneaking Sloth
3. Tug and Boom
4. PlayThe Woodcutter
5. Okanagan Ashes
6. Wrong Turn
7. Spring Ahead
8. PlayPalo Alto
9. Kathleen Marie
10. Intermission
11. Snowflake Variations
12. Tito Eggy
13. Kispiox
14. In the Shop
15. PlayThat's Not My Kilt
16. The Swinging Screen Door
17. A Mind of it's Own
18. PlayKaleidoscope
19. PlayChunks of Cheese
20. Telephone Lullaby

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All compositions by Les Finnigan
©2005 & 2005 String Plunker Records (SOCAN)

See 6 full length tracks from the DVD below on YouTube. The samples above are of slightly better quality, and if you want to see and hear the best quality versions you'll have to get the DVD.









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